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Vimy Hall is a historical community hall licensed for 80 people with a stage and non-commercial kitchen. The hall is well suited to community gatherings, children’s birthday parties, large family or business events, and more.

Tables (2’ x 8’) and chairs are provided for full capacity.

Please note: Washrooms are not wheelchair accessible. They are located at the side of the stage, up 3-4 stairs.


Hall Dimensions (feet):

Hall 30W x 50L x 15H

Stage 16W x 22L x 12H



The kitchen has fridge and stove dishware and utensils for the hall capacity and some basic kitchen supplies (coffee makers, teapots, etc.). The kitchen does not have a dishwasher.

Vimy Hall's kitchen

Vimy Hall’s kitchen


115 people.

Sport features

It has anchor points for a sport net, and has a single basketball hoop at one end.