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The first general meeting to discuss the building of Vimy Hall was held on January 2nd 1921. The land for the building was bought from Irene Bergman’s uncle, Mr. O Pipe, and the estimated cost for the building was $850. Money was raised through donations.

The Vimy Social Club proceeded to build the main part of the hall, and the entry and kitchen were added later. The grand opening took place on Feb. 14, 1923.

In the late 30’s and 40’s numerous dances were held with as many as 150 people attending. The music consisted of piano, violin and other instruments. Seating was provided on benches.

When the Duncan High School was destroyed by fire in 1945 Vimy Hall was used for several years as an Elementary School.

In the 50’s the Vimy Social Club became active again and many renovations were completed. The walls were sheeted with plywood (still in place), a new floor was laid and a wood furnace was installed.

In 1967 ownership of the hall was taken over by the Municipality of North Cowichan due to the inability of Vimy Social Club to pay their municipal taxes. A new society was formed under the name of Vimy Community Club.

Through 1968 – 1970 there was a flurry of improvements made at the Hall. A septic tank and flush toilets, aluminum roofing and a new well were all installed. Money was raised for these projects through rentals and dances.

In 1978 a provincial grant was received. New siding was put on the hall and the foundation was completely updated.
Over the years “The Hall” has served the community as a friendly gathering place for many activities and social functions. It continues to be managed by a volunteer board, to provide a centre for the use and benefit of the citizens of the community.